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Today is and Scholarship Applicants are Needed for the September 8th, 2014 POSTMARKED deadline (If you miss this deadline you will automatically be considered for the next deadline).

$700 Scholarship Award
Scholarships may be used for reimbursement of book costs or reimbursement for any other expenses related to obtaining your college education.

NOTICE: Easy scholarship to apply for so do it today and don't take this one for granted! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Simply read and follow the instructions below. If instructions are not followed your application will not be considered. is proud to announce up to SEVEN $700 CASH AWARDS FOR THE REMAINING 2014 SCHOOL YEAR.

ANY student (future or current) that has been accepted or attends a community college, technical/trade college, or university may apply. AS LONG AS THE INSTITUTION ATTENDED HAS A FITNESS CENTER THAT ALLOWS STUDENTS TO PARTICIPATE AND THE STUDENT PROVIDES DOCUMENTATION OF ITS LOCATION (SEE BELOW).

Also, up to the first 10 applicants of each deadline month (see below) will receive one free product of their choice from sent via email.

  • There are 2 Easy Ways to Apply (You can do either way but you do not have to do both).

    #1 (first way) Contact your school's scholarship office and request an application or CLICK HERE NOW

    Each Applicant will be asked to fill out a one-page application, and write or type the campus address/location of their College Fitness Center.

    #2 (second way) Get entered automatically for our e College Fitness Remaining 2014 Scholarship Awards when you read any eBook Free from (this is necessary in order to apply the second way). You do not have to pay as you can use an offer from trial pay and the entire eBook package link will be sent to you free. After you receive the e College Fitness eBook package, email us your thoughts. This doesn't have to be more than a couple of sentences. Send your email to fitness[at] with the TrialPay Order# (this ensures you actually read the eBook and it helps support this scholarship). You will then receive information via email in order to apply for the Scholarship online. You can only apply online if you choose option #2. If you do not choose option #2 you can still apply with option #1.

    Please note: Whether you choose option #1 or #2 all applications are weighed equally. Option #2 is just faster and provides a helpful and informative way to apply for the scholarship.

    POSTMARKED DEADLINES (If you miss current deadline you will automatically be considered for the next deadline): August 8, 2014, September 8, 2014, October 8, 2014, November 8, 2014 and December 8th, 2014. YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE VALID FOR THE UPCOMING DEADLINE DATE ONLY! YOU MAY APPLY AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE FOR THIS SCHOLARSHIP BUT PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS OR YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

    Winners are selected randomly based on application completeness so don't forget to include your campus address/location of the College Fitness Center.

    Scholarships considered monthly. Monthly award winners announced here.

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